Alternative PostgreSQL plugin for munin — Part 4

Fri 27 November 2015

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No longer "alpha"

After running the graphs for some time, I am happy with the result, and they have replaced most of the old Postgres graphs at work.

Changes since v1.0.0a2

Added "transaction age" to query ages.
This value was simply missing.
Disabled value scaling
This affects how values are displayed and causes less fractional values.
Added POD-Style documentation
Munin graphs require POD documentation. It is readable with munin-doc.
Graph Labels/Info
Improved the labels and info fields of graphs.
The graph is not auto-detectable with autoconf.
Moved to postgresql category
The former category was used for testing to keep the graphs better apart. Now that they are production-ready, this is no longer needed.
Transaction Stats
Added graph of committed/rolled-back transactions.
Fixed counters for query-ages
The value sometimes came out as NaN. This is now properly reported as 0.
Added a breakdown of DB sizes

Opening the DB-Sizes graphs will now show a more detailed view, containing separate sizes for "main data", "indexes", "free-space-map", "visibility map" and "TOAST tables".

The values here usually sum up to less than the raw DB-size value. The DB-size value counts the on-disk size of the database folder. This may contain other/temporary files. In extreme cases (catastrophic server failure), the temporary files may not get cleaned up. This should become visible in this graph.

Row Access is now stacked
This should make the graph more readable.
Added default warning/crtitical values for QueryAges
The default warning is 1 hour, the critical limit is set to 12 hours.
Removed IDLE connections from query ages
This blew up the graph in case an application kept an open connection without active work.


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