Mon 29 May 2017

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Here's a simple drop-in colorizer for Werkzeug (and thus also Flask) logs. It won't make much sense in production, but makes development a bit more cheerful.


Adding gouge.colourcli to the mix, makes it even more colourful:

Screenshot using gouge.colourcli

To use it, simply put it in a utility module somewhere, import it and call colorize_wekzeug.

You will need blessings. If that's not available, the function will not do any colorizing.

The code is hosted as a gist on GitHub:


Thu 13 April 2017

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Sometimes you come across a code-base which has no unit-tests. This makes contributing to the project risky. If an application has not been written with unit-tests in mind from the beginning, it is often very difficult to add them later on. This article takes one such project and uses …

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Fri 04 March 2016

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A couple of weeks ago I decided to add social login buttons to a small web-page. I am usually wary of "frameworks" and "plugins", and usually only use them sparingly. I do use Flask for web-development though.

For a change I decided to give flask-social a chance. Turns out that …

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