Thu 16 July 2015

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Tags rpi python

Yesterday I finally got my hands on a multimeter and could read out resistor values. As a colourblind person, I was unaware that this would bite me.

I decided to go ahead and play around with a simple schematic. The goal: Make the LED light up as long as the …

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Tue 24 February 2015

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Tags tmux

I tend to run the same SNMP probes on multiple devices quite often. The devices are always the same, the OIDs change. To simplify this I created a small Python script running the commands in a tmux session.

However, there seems to be a small bug/annoyance in tmux which …

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Mon 23 February 2015

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Tags kde linux desktop

The Problem

For ages, I was annoyed that neither gvim nor xterm maximised properly in some desktop environment (KDE being one of them). They both have a small "gap" around the outermost screen edges. It is not only visually annoying, but I am also used to "throw" the mouse to …

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