Sun 08 November 2015

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Tags munin postgresql python


I've been using the PostgreSQL graphs which come bundled with munin for quite some time. But recently I've come annoyed with the amount of graphs those plugins generate. I've decided to fix this in the existing plugins, but ran into a design dilemma. It prompted me to re-write the …

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Thu 16 July 2015

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Tags rpi python

Yesterday I finally got my hands on a multimeter and could read out resistor values. As a colourblind person, I was unaware that this would bite me.

I decided to go ahead and play around with a simple schematic. The goal: Make the LED light up as long as the …

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Fri 12 September 2014

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Tags algorithms github python

While I first intended to create the matrices manually, it turned out to take too much time if I wanted to reproduce the exact same error as happened in the unit-tests.

So in order to create the matrices used in the earlier blog-posts, I used the script at the end …

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